New brand of acidic electrolyzed water for agriculture!!

Thunder 2 sterilizes pathogenic bacteria of vegetables and fruit trees without fail. Also, it has the bactericidal power for 70 times more than that of sodium hypochlorite so that it can be widely used for disease agents which may be applicable.

In addition, it can stop activation of the disease agents completely in a short time so that it must not cause disorders such as drug-resistant strain and leaf-bleaching.

Furthermore, it has effect to improve luster and sugar content of fruits when it is used during the harvest season.

A general-purpose bactericidal agent that aims to improve agricultural quality, workability, affordability and safety.
Specifications of Thunder 2 / acidic electrolyzed water (electrolyzed hypochlorous acid water)


Thunder 2 (electrolyzed hypochlorous acid water)


3.5 (± 0.2) for double dilution / effective chlorine concentration ≧1000ppm


hypochlorous acid water (HOCl) / electrolyte: KCl

Expiration date:

6 months from the date of production


Sterilization of funguses and molds, sterilization for objectives (specified agriculture)

* Please read the instruction manual and technical materials carefully before use.

Do not mix !! Hazardous / Never mix with acidic liquids!!


The acidic electrolyzed water (electrolyzed hypochlorous acid water) is designated as a specified agricultural chemical (specified control material)

As of 28th March 28, 2014 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries / Ministry of the Environment Notification No. 2

Acidic electrolyzed water has been approved and designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare under the names of ” Strongly acidic electrolyzed water ” in the medical field and “Hypochlorous acid water” in the food field. In addition, it was approved and designated as a specified control material (Agricultural chemical: it is not counted as usage number of agricultural chemicals when cultivating organic and specially cultivated agricultural products) by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Minister of the Environment as of March, 2014. The business name in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is “Electrolyzed hypochlorous acid water “.


* Differences in electrolyzed water production methods

The specified control material is “electrolyzed hypochlorous acid water” that is generated using potassium chloride or hydrochloric acid and water suitable for drinking (specified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of the Environment).

The acidic electrolyzed water as a food additive is “hypochlorous acid water that can be acquired by electrolyzing sodium chloride or hydrochloric acid” (specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).



Electrolyzed hypochlorous acid water characterizes low residual and being hard to generate drug-resistant strain. You can easily spray it and irrigate with the feeling of watering.

No heavy equipment like goggle or rubber glove required to spray the electrolyzed hypochlorous acid water thanks to its high safety.


Electrolyzed hypochlorous acid water has high bactericidal activity, but it has low persistence and has almost no effect on the crops of tourist farms and customers, so it can be picked with confidence.

Available to any agricultural products. Applicable even for crops without registered agricultural chemicals so that you can be assured to ship out your produces to the market and direct sales stores.


Sterilization model of hypochlorous acid water: HOCl (hypochlorous acid water) that is the main component of acidic electrolyzed water decomposes the cell membrane of bacteria and eumycetes, and further permeates to decompose RNA, mitochondria, and nucleus so that the bacteria and eumycetes can be inactivated in a short time. That is the sterilization process.

・Sterilization range: pH 2.7-5.5 / effective chlorine concentration 10~80PPM

* OCl⁻(hypochlorous acid state) is hard to decompose and melt the cell membranes in a short time with