Not a detergent (chemical) but a cleaning agent!?

Neither surface-active agent nor any other chemicals contained at all because it is not a detergent. Best cleaning tool for nursery schools, food factories, hospitals or any other care facilities where foods and human bodies may be most concerned.

Surface-active agent is contained in detergents, which may hazard depending on the constituents. On the other hand, alkaline electrolyzed water does not contain any surface-active agent at all so as to be protective to health for whoever may work on cleaning. The less slimy touch realizes more advantages such as shortening of the wiping and non-slippery condition. The best solution for everywhere that the remained detergent components may cause problems such as decolorization.

The cleaning agent that is less likely to cause sick building syndrome and any other allergies attributed to residual detergent components and reacted substances.


Cleaning mechanism

Common pollutions (fats and proteins)

Generally speaking, “pollution” is a phenomenon that the attracting action between molecules with positive and negative ions attaches (fixes) pollution to the surface of “substrate: metal, plastic, pottery, etc.”.


Once S-ion BLUE is sprayed or applied, minus ion (OH-) enters between “pollution” and “substrate” and the surface of the pollution and substrate becomes a state tinged with positive ions by the action of “intermolecular force”.

Negative ions of S-ion BLUE wrap the surface of “pollution” and “substrate”, and the each other become exfoliated to float the pollution by the repulsive force of the minus ions each other so that the pollution can be eliminated consequently, which is the cleaning mechanism by the alkaline electrolyzed water.


Constituent: Alkaline pH ≧13.0 ± 0.2 / ORP ≦-950 mV (spec at the shipment from factory)

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