Approach of Rtec CO., LTD. to agriculture

Rtec CO., LTD. shall seek for the providence of agriculture based on its electrolysis technology, support the development of agriculture to pursue safe and secure foods and health, and make sustainable and fruitful water and the earth smile.


Electrolyzed water and agriculture ...
Research and development for smart ion farming

Acidic electrolyzed water (electrolyzed hypochlorous acid water: HOCl) is widely recognized as a safe and secure sterilization tool and a specified pest control agent in organic and specially cultivated agriculture.

In addition, electrolyte substrate of alkaline electrolyzed water is potassium (KOH-) that is one of the three major nutrients in soil, and effective to vitalize plants lives and enrich soil.

We research and develop smart ion farming that enables cultivation of safe and secure agricultural products by reducing agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers based on the usage differentiation between acidic (+ ion) and alkaline electrolyzed water (-ion) and improving farmers’ profitability, workability, and safety.

Agricultural electrolyzed water brand

Reviews from the user

Reviews from the user