Electrolyzed water offered by

Acidic electrolyzed water has sterilizing and deodorizing effects, and alkaline electrolyzed water has the property to decompose proteins and lipids. Each one is characteristic and highly functionable “water”.

The conventional three-chamber typed electrolyzed water generates both acidic and alkaline electrolyzed water simultaneously, which has raised the lingering issue of water that contains unnecessary properties.

The electrolysis technology Rtec CO., LTD. developed using zero-gap methodology realized the generation system to enable production of either acidic electrolyzed water or alkaline electrolyzed water along the necessity.

In addition, we duly understand that safe and clean water resources must be valuable resources so that we would go along with SDGs advocated by the United Nations, and endeavor to work on it in our production, research and development.

SDGs commitment

Research and development of electrolyzed water cleaning agents and bactericides that suppress any excessive uses of chemical substances so as not to pollute water

Research and development of farming system using electrolyzed water that suppresses any excessive uses of chemical substances so as to protect soil and organisms


 PH 3.5 (±0.2)

 Effective chlorine concentration ≧100 ppm

(By inspection for all production lot)

PH 13 (≧±0.2)

 ORP ≦-950mV