Specifications to respond to countermeasure for COVID-19!!

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Bactericidal power is approximately 80 times more than that of sodium hypochlorite.!! Best solution as countermeasure for virus / bacterial infection!!

The bactericidal power of hypochlorous acid water (HOCl) which is the main component of acidic electrolyzed water proves effective approximately 80 times more than the effect of sodium hypochlorite (see *).

Although sodium hypochlorite is used for sterilizing foods typically, it has been pointed out that the dilution is troublesome, it may cause dishpan hands, poor workability such as generation of residual chlorine and chloroform, and impact to human bodies. Acidic electrolyzed water has been designated as a food additive disinfectant so that it has been able to be used for processing fresh seafoods and frozen foods. Consequently, the number of food-related products to adopt the acidic electrolyzed water has increased because of the safety.

* Conversion of effective chlorine concentration ratio / see the page which describes the bactericidal spectrum of S-ion / Red for the details.


4 zero advantages


It does not contain allergens like alcohol.



Not a chemical synthesis that may produce harmful substances.



Thanks to the instantaneous sterilization, it does not generate resistant bacterium


Sterilization power up to 99.99% !!



Comparison of sterilizing powers between acidic electrolyzed water and hypochlorous acid water

We will compare three typical disinfectants and disinfectants in an easy-to-understand manner.
(*1) Eradication power with non-enveloped virus (norovirus)

Sterilization model by


Sterilization model for hypochlorous acid water: HOCl (hypochlorous acid water) which is the main component of acidic electrolyzed water decomposes cell membranes of bacteria and eumycetes, and further permeates to decompose RNA, mitochondria, nucleus and so on, which is the sterilization process to completely stop any activities of the bacteria and eumycetes that may become pathogenic bacteria in a short time.


・Sterilization range: pH 2.7-5.5 / effective chlorine concentration 10~80 ppm

* OCl- (hypochlorous acid) is hard to decompose and melt the cell membranes in a short time.

Bactericidal spectrum of


Because it is used a lot ... Affordable economically as well!!

Acidic electrolyzed water S-ion red (Smart Ion RED) is produced in-house with our latest acidic electrolyzed water producing machine RT-Zero, and the strict concentration inspection is carried out before its shipment. Please be assured for the use.

High quality as well as low price offered owing to the in-house production.

Cost-down proposal available for the user who constantly use large quantities depending on the contracting content.

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Constituent: Acid pH 3.5 ± 0.2 / effective chlorine concentration (ppm) 100ppm

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